Getting Ready

Getting Ready:
1: The carpet being cleaned needs to be clear of all furnishings (I can go around furniture), but no furniture moving once I’m there.

2: It needs to be vacuumed and free of Debris (you need to pick up the Debris your vacuum didn’t and pay attention to the edges)

3: Pets (especially cats) need to be put somewhere, out of the way prior to my arrival. (It’s not safe for them to have contact with the pre-spray that goes on all of the carpet being cleaned.

4: Your Driveway needs to be clear (prior to my arrival) I park at an angle across most of it.

5: Every one in the house needs Shoes on. (the pre-spray for the entire job goes on first)

Please Note: If the above steps are not completed prior to my arrival there will be a additional charge of $5 per room or area. Any job that reschedules /cancels within 24 hours of your appointment will be charged $25.
Payment is due when the job is completed and I’m much faster than most people think.
Don’t pre-treat your carpet.