Getting Ready


The whole house needs to be picked up as much as possible, you only need to pre vacuum it if there is hair and debris. The area that gets cleaned is the open area that I can get to. I can get under tables and under the sides of beds and under the bottom edges of most sofas. If there as a wall behind your furniture it’s good to push the furniture all the way back to the wall.   If you have an item or two you need help getting off the carpet, I can help with that, but in general I do not move furniture and furniture cannot be moved onto carpet that has just been cleaned until it has dried.

Your driveway needs to be clear, that’s where I park at an angle. If anyone is planning on leaving while I’m there, their car needs to be on the street prior to my arrival. I generally use the front door to run the hoses through, so please don’t block the front door or walkways between rooms.  If you have a custom home with a very deep front yard,  I will probably use the garage to run the hoses through, in which case the car in front of the door going into the house will need to be moved.

Pets need to be put in the back yard, kennel, bathroom, laundry room or somewhere safe and out of the way. The front door will be open the whole time I am there and the first thing I do is pre treat all of the areas being cleaned.  The pre treatment is a fine mist of a mild emulsifier with orange peal solvent, there is very little of it and it rinses out easily. It’s not a good idea to be barefoot or have pets on it and it will also be very slippery if you step off of it onto a hard surface. It can take a long time to catch a cat so please plan ahead. It’s ok to let cats or small dogs out right after the carpet is done as long as they are not going in and out of the house.

There are a lot of variables affecting dry time. The biggest is how dirty the carpet is, the longer I spend on it, the more it is going to absorb. Many times your air conditioner used heavily during and for a few hours afterward can drastically reduce dry times.  The AC, while cooling removes humidity,  the heater does not remove humidity.  The best drying strategy varies by season,  outside humidity and wind speed. Part of my job is advising you of the best drying strategy when I am there. In the summertime the AC needs be on and set to under 80 degrees. If there is no power in the house it needs to be scheduled first thing in the morning. Ultra high temperature steam cleaning adds a lot of heat and humidity to a house. The inconvenience of the dry time is soon forgotten when the end results exceed your expectations.

Ceiling fans should all be set on high and all ceiling vent fans should be turned on, to help drying.

It’s always best to stay off the carpet while it’s drying. But if you have to go on it stay off the traffic areas and walk around the edges.  Avoid any areas where there had been spills or pet stains, they can wick back up if you step on them when the carpet is wet.

Never put anything like towels, sheets, plastic on wet carpet, covering it keeps it from drying. Tracking is not the only issue, it’s pressing clean damp carpet into dirty carpet pad! It can wick back up if you step on it.

Don’t put anything back on the carpet until at least a couple hours after you are sure that it’s dry. Be extra careful with vinyl office chair mats or anything with varnish, especially wicker.


Any questions please call me (480) 203-1030