Things to Consider

I don’t use up-selling or “bait and switch” tactics, I would rather make extra money by increasing productivity and spending less on advertising by getting more repeat business and referrals.

For example: My carpet cleaning wand is custom built. Most carpet cleaning wands only clean going backwards, the forward stroke is just so you can start over. Mine directs steam from 6 jets, angled as sharply forward as possible, directly under the vacuum slot and cleans extremely well in both directions. As an added benefit to it’s design it can handle considerably higher pressure steam without wetting the pad. This is a  huge increase in productivity.

Every thing, that really matters about my machine, has been well thought out and customized. At every overhaul my machine has undergone significant upgrades and design improvements.

My goal has always been to improve the overall quality of my cleaning while at the same time reducing the amount of chemicals used. I don’t like chemical exposure and I also don’t like sticky or crunchy carpet.

I am not a fan of Scotchgard. Look it up on Wikipedia, it is Toxic! Not as toxic as before 2003 but still, by no means healthy. It’s great they have reduced the half life from over 5 years to just over a month, but reality is it can be a never ending cycle. That’s still over two months per exposure. You shouldn’t need to wear something on your feet to protect yourself from your protectant!  At the levels typically applied, it doesn’t make a noticeable difference. My decision to not offer it was made long before I knew how toxic it was. It’s best to save your money and use it to clean your carpet again when it needs it. You should be able to walk barefoot on clean carpet without exposure to toxic chemicals!

Over the years I have had many calls from customers who were or who’s children were having allergic or respiratory problems as a result of getting new carpet. A simple water only cleaning solves the problem.

While protectants are very profitable, walking all over freshly cleaned carpet to apply is not a good idea either. Spills that have ended up in the pad are going to wick back up if you step on them while the carpet is damp. If you want your carpet to stay cleaner longer, vacuum it frequently, get some good outdoor mats and get a good sized scrap piece of carpet for your garage. Most oils and greases come in thru the garage from walking on asphalt parking lots.  It’s better if those first few steps from your car are on scrap carpet or mats in your garage than in your house.

Dog’s are oily. If you have one, washing it more frequently will help. Ideally, the best time is right before you get your carpet cleaned. I’ve had big dogs and I’d be happy to share with you what I’ve learned about cleaning them, so they can be soft and residue free too.

I hope you figured out by now, my opinions are not based on some trade organization, manufacturer or salesman, they are based on what works and what doesn’t.

While a lot of things are negotiable, how I do my job is not. Please read the “How to get ready” link before scheduling and again before your appointment.

I do extremely high quality work for a great price.