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My carpet cleaning prices for houses in Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe and South Scottsdale.
First Room: $50.  Each additional room $15  Hallways and Stairs count the same as rooms.  Rooms over 300 sq/ft (15×20) are $10 extra.  No Furniture moving while I’m there, I clean all open areas that I can get to. Includes pre-treatment, deodorizer and gum removal as needed. Red stains that don’t wash out are not included. My pricing is based on all of the areas being cleaned being clear, vacuumed and free of debris prior to my arrival. Jobs that are not ready are $5 extra per room. I don’t charge extra for extra dirty, I charge extra for not being ready.
You will not get any sales pitch from me to add extra services or rooms, but it wise to do all of your traffic areas to avoid cross tracking and wear in those areas.
Jobs that Reschedule or Cancel within 24 hours of their scheduled time will be charged $25.
Powerful Residue Free process using Soft Carbon Filtered Water up to 310°  480-203-1030